Fur Gilets

Here's a selection of our fur gilets.

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These are 'one of a kind' so once they are gone they are gone!

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Grey mink gilet, worn with or without soft leather belt

Mink gilet (M)
£1,290 (Ref C666)

Dusky lilac knitted fox gilet

Fox gilet (XL/XXL)
£890 (Ref C643)

Crystal knitted fox gilet

Fox gilet (L/XL/XXL)
£890 (Ref C642)

Grey mink gilet

Mink gilet (XXXL)
£2,200 (Ref C625)

Chocolate brown mink and fox gilet

Mink/fox gilet (M)
£2,690 (Ref C622)

Feathered raccoon gilet with hood

Racoon gilet (S)
£590 (Ref C621)

3 colour fox gilet

Fox gilet (S)
£635 (Ref C620)

Knotted silver fox gilet with tiger motif

Fox gilet (M)
£1,190 (Ref C612)

Grey mink gilet with hidden drawstring

Mink gilet (M)
£3,200 (Ref C600)

Pre-owned fox gilet

Fox gilet (24")
£490 (Ref V564)

Pre-owned feathered fox pink gilet

Fox gilet (29")
£390 (Ref V560)

Black mink gilet with drawstring

Mink gilet
£2,650 (Ref C577)

Feathered fox gilet

Fox gilet (M/S)
£1,290 (Ref C564)

Knitted fox gilet

Fox gilet (M)
£1,250 (Ref C562)

Silver fox gilet

Fox gilet (S/M)
£1,150 (Ref C552)

Black fox gilet

Fox gilet (S/M)
£1,150 (Ref C551)

Feathered raccoon gilet

Raccoon gilet (56cm)
£690 (Ref C506)

Dusky pink mink gilet

Mink gilet (M/S)
£2,100 (Ref C495)

Red lamb gilet with mink collar and bottom

Lamb/mink gilet (73cm)
£1,580 (Ref C388)

Feathered white fox gilet - Approx size: S,M,L - Price: £690 (Ref C291)

Feathered fox gilet (S,M,L)
£690 (Ref C291)

Sapphire grey knitted mink gilet with silver fox trim

Mink/fox gilet (M)
£835 (Ref C208-B)

Black knitted rex and silver fox gilet

Rex/fox gilet (XS,S,M,L)
£665 (Ref C208-A)

Dark purple knitted fox gilet (without or with hood)

Fox gilet (M)
£335/£390 (Ref C198)

Grey/brown cropped mink gilet with hood

Mink gilet (S,M)
£725 (Ref C095)

Whiskey mink cropped gilet with hood

Mink gilet (S,M)
£725 (Ref C094)

Grey/brown mink print drawstring gilet

Mink print gilet (XXS,XS,M)
£835 (Ref C093)